Corporate Policy

Abifor AG established its company policy, which herewith the company likewise would like to inform about. From this everybody can see, what high significance we attach to customer satisfaction. This is expressed by the fulfillment of the customer’s demands on quality, reliability, and adherence to delivery dates for our thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives and services. If you are interested in our corporate policy, please contact us!


Integrated Management System (IMS)

With the Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 and the Environmental Management System of Abifor Ltd., the company emphasizes its high demand on product and service quality and fulfils its responsibility for resource-friendly and sustained dealing with the environment.

 Certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

Biodegradable Hotmelt Adhesives

"Ecoflex® Hot-Melt Powder"

 Abifor Ltd. is the exclusive manufacturer and trading partner of BASF SE* for Ecoflex® hotmelt powder. This adhesive powder is based on aliphatic-aromatic Co-Polyester. Under certain environmental conditions as encountered in compost, Ecoflex® Hot-Melt Powder fully decomposes within a few weeks.



The ecological properties of Ecoflex® Hot-Melt Powder were intensively tested in accordance to EN 13432 and DIN 38412 and certified by European norm EN 13432; European regulation for food contact materials (Regulation EC-No 1935/2004; 80/590/EEC and 89/109/EEC); European standards EN 71 Safety of Toys, part 3 (Migration of certain elements); Japanese norm GrenPla; European regulations concerning heavy metals (CONEG 01.10.1994; EU Dir. 94/62/EEC; EU Dir. 2000/53/EC and 2002/525/EC; Japanese norm Food and Sanitary Law (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No 20.1982); American Standard AST 6400 and American Food Contact Notification No 372 (Federal Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 CFR)

Possible applications are biological / ecological laminates; biodegradable products; hotmelt for materials made from renewable resources; wood fibres and liquid wood, filters, hygienic and cosmetic products.



Next to Ecoflex Polycaprolactone (PLC) is used as a biological hotmelt adhesive.

Crystalline Polycaprolactone has a similar crystal structure like Polyethylene, but Polycaprolactone is bio-degradable. The degradation is done by micro-organisms, normally without presence of Oxygen (anaerobic).

By PIRA International the films based on raw material of Polycaprolactone were buried in soil (with moisture content of 30%) for 16 days. The physical properties were assessed daily. This shows the result of the degradation of the polymer very clearly and proves the bio-degradability.

Polycaprolactone has been approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). In specific applications used in the human body as drug delivery device, suture, synthetic wound dressings and orthopedic casts.

At EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) PCL is listed for direct contact with food stuff. (EFSA Q2004-044) Herewith polycaprolactone is mainly used for packaging of all shades.