D&B TOP Rating 1 for the year 2022

Only 2% of the Swiss companies receive the TOP rating with the risk indicator 1 (lowest risk) from Bisnode D&B (Dun & Bradstreet). This rating issued for 2022 is valid for our headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) and our production plant in Wutoeschingen (Germany). This certificate confirms the financial and economic stability of Abifor AG and supports the good reputation of the company. We are very proud about this excellent D&B rating.

See D&B Certificate (PDF)

Successful ISO re-certification according to the standard 9001/2015 for both European sites

For more than 20 years, we have been working consistently with the quality management system DIN ISO 9001.
In July 2021, TÜV Rheinland reviewed the management system of Abifor AG at both European sites.
We have successfully passed the re-certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

This gives our customers the security of working together with a company that stands for the highest possible quality and reliability in all areas.

This re-certification is valid until 31.08.2024.
From now on, the certificate is available for download here.

Abifor AG comes into new hands!

Abifor AG comes into new hands!

• The future of Abifor AG is regulated.
• Abifor AG remains an independent, owner-managed company.
• Despite the difficult Covid-19 situation, the new "team" is starting with great vigour.
• Adhesive solutions are the core competence of Abifor AG.

The long-standing main shareholder and CEO of Abifor AG, Dr. Rolf Wickihalter, has arranged his succession and sold his shares. From now on, with retroactive effect from 01.01.2021, Messrs. Peter Hinder and Markus Kohlhof will take over 100% of Abifor AG. Peter Hinder has a wide range of practical experience in the financial sector and Markus Kohlhof has been with Abifor AG for almost 10 years. Markus Kohlhof has significantly contributed to the success of Abifor AG and thus ensures continuity in the company.

This step ensures entrepreneurial autonomy and independence for a secure future of Abifor AG. As an owner-managed company, Abifor AG will continue to be successfully operate with two locations, in Switzerland and Germany, respectively.

A proven team consisting of Peter Hinder (CEO), Markus Kohlhof (COO), Stefanie Simschek (CFO) and Meinrad Blattert (CPO) will lead the company to further success with innovations, high-quality products, and customer-oriented service. The positioning as an independent, innovative solution provider for adhesive compounds is maintained.

Dr. Rolf Wickihalter will leave the company as an active, operational manager in February 2021, but will remain available for a certain period in an advisory capacity. We would like to thank him for his commitment in the many years since he took over the company and wish him lots of joy, health, and satisfaction for the new phase of his life.

We look forward to continuing our good and fruitful cooperation with you and thank you in advance for your trust.

Abifor AG

Contacts for queries:

• Dr. Rolf Wickihalter, rolf.wickihalter(at)abifor.com
• Peter Hinder, peter.hinder(at)abifor.com
• Markus Kohlhof, markus.kohlhof(at)abifor.com

D&B TOP Rating 1 for the year 2021

Only 2% of the Swiss companies receive the TOP rating with the risk indicator 1 (lowest risk) from Bisnode D&B (Dun & Bradstreet). This rating issued for 2021 is valid for our headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) and our production plant in Wutoeschingen (Germany). This certificate confirms the financial and economic stability of Abifor AG and supports the good reputation of the company. We are very proud about this excellent D&B rating.

See D&B Certificate (PDF)

New watersoluble polyvinyl alcohol types (PVA + PVOH)

Abifor introduces new watersoluble polyvinyl alcohol types (PVA or PVOH). These special designed polymers have low degree of hydrolysis. Partially hydrolysed PVA can achieve aqueous solubility and high bonding strength. Generally, the solubility and film-forming properties of PVA vary according to the degree of hydrolysis and viscosity.

Polyvinyl alcohol has excellent film forming, emulsifying and adhesive properties. It is also resistant to oil, grease and solvents. It has high tensile strength and flexibility, as well as high oxygen and aroma barrier properties. [Wikipedia]

If you have any technical questions about our PVA series or price inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact sales(at)abifor.com .

Corona Virus (Covid 19) - Information of Abifor AG

Corona Virus (COVID-19) - Information of Abifor AG:

Up-Date Emergency Plan and Supply Chain


Dear Customer, dear Business Partner

In view of the special situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken important precautions to protect the health of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. These go one step further than the guidelines prescribed by the local and federal authorities.

Emergency plan at Abifor AG: In the last two weeks Abifor has implemented an emergency plan in the whole company which will take place until mid of April 2020. This action plan drawn up by Abifor AG concerns the maintenance of business activities on the one hand, and on the other hand it allows most employees to do their work in home office mode and our employees in the factory work in independent two shifts. In order to guarantee the security and reliability that have characterized Abifor AG for many decades, all important functionalities will be continued right now.

Travel restriction: In order to prevent the Corana virus from spreading further and to protect our employees and our business partners as a precaution, the emergency plan of Abifor AG also provides for travel restrictions. Travel to so-called risk areas and visits by business partner (customers and suppliers) in our Headquarters and German plant are prohibited. In addition, the restrictions of local and state authorities must be strictly followed. When the border is closed by the authorities travel outside the country’s borders is also prohibited.

Critical issue: Supply chain disruption is moving east to west with the spread of the virus and the increase in numbers of cases in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and some Eastern European countries.

For your further information: Here is a summary of what you need to know about COVID-19’s impact on global supply chains this and the next week.

Volatility in Europe and the US: New travel restrictions announced in the United States on flights from the EU will have a significant impact on capacity. More than 40 % of cargo capacity from mainland Europe (excluding the United Kingdom) is belly space on passenger aircraft, according to Seabury, and air freight is currently 51 % of total Transatlantic trade value.

Going into the week of March 16, we can expect capacity shortages and considerable increases to spot price rates both inbound and outbound Europe/US. That said, space is available, with certain constraints like premium rates and no transit time commitments.

We have also seen knock-on effects in other regions. For example, in Hong Kong, we have seen a sharp increase in rates to both Europe and US triggered by new entry restrictions to US. Charter rates, as an example, have surged by up to 50 % in the last 36 hours.

Some recovery in production in China: Until now, those originating in Asia-Pacific have felt the impact most acutely. From late January until last week, production and cargo movements in China were down significantly. However, we are now seeing operations return to normal at ports, airports, trucking networks, cargo terminals, manufacturing and assembly plants, etc. Production in China is at 60-80 % as of mid-March and factory restarts are taking place every day and should be close to 100 % by the end of March beginning of April.

Capacity constraints to/from China: There is a continued squeeze on air freight to and from China to all regions, because of the large number of flight passenger cancellations in the market.  Flight cancellations have removed more than 5’100 tons of capacity from China per day on average. Cargo capacity from China is 50 % lower than this time last year, according to Seabury.

Capacity constraints on intra-Asia trade lanes: Freight rates on Intra-Asia lanes are extremely high and volatile, and have been increasing rapidly, which in turn is also affecting the long-haul export capacity to both Europe and US.

Capacity constraints in the Middle East: Intra-regional capacity in the Middle East has been significantly reduced due to the cancellation of all passenger flights to/from Kuwait, and for selected airlines for Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar and Egypt.  Intra-regional passenger flight capacity is being substituted by freighters, which are still allowed to fly to all counties in the Middle East.

Blank sailings, equipment shortages when it comes to ocean freight: Ocean carriers have blanked sailings and we are seeing imbalances in container and breakbulk ships, containers and other critical equipment. It will take some time for that to sort itself out and reach equilibrium.

Abifor AG do everything to continue to guarantee you the best possible service and supply of our quality hotmelt adhesives. However, there may be a little longer waiting time to answer your inquiries and maybe there are some postponing of deliveries due to the actual critical supply chain situation.

Our decision to implement the emergency plan was made against the background of great responsibility towards the population and society. We are firmly convinced that in such an exceptional situation, protecting health from economic or other motives has priority.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the respective person at our team.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding. We very much appreciate the trust you place in Abifor AG every day.

With best regards

Abifor AG

Dr. Rolf L. Wickihalter




Registration of the brand Abifor extended

The registration of the brand "Abifor" has been extended for the next 10 years. Thus, the name and its use continues to be protected and will continue to stand for best quality, individual solutions and the highest standards