Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives (powder, webs, nets, films)

Hotmelt adhesive product range:

Our well known abifor®-product range contents the following thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for most of the available applications: Automotive, Construction, Technique, Leather, Textile and Cosmetics.

Co-Polyamide (CoPA)
Hotmelt powder for ladie's and men’s wear, uniforms and technical applications
Thermoplastic webs and nets for textile, apparel and automotive
Thermoplastic nets for apparel and automotive
Hotmelt films for textile, apparel, automotive and construction

Co-Polyester (CoPES)
Hotmelt powders for ladies wear, blouses, technical applications 
Thermoplastic webs for textile, apparel, automotive and construction
Hotmelt films for automotive and construction

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Hotmelt powders for shirt interlining and technical applications, automotive (rear shelf, trunk liner, floor carpet group, interior parts)

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Hotmelt powders for nonwovens, interlinings, small textile parts and fixation bands and technical applications, automotive (Head liners, interior parts)
Water soluble hotmelt powder for temporary bonding

Ethylene-Vinylacetate (EVA)
Hotmelt powders for technical laminates, roof trussed films and leather bonding

Polyvinyle alcohol (PVA)
Thermoplastic webs for leather and shoe, foams
Hotmelt films for technical application

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Hotmelt powders for technical bonding, conveyor belts and leather applications
Thermoplastic nets for textile, apparel and automotive
Hotmelt film for automotive, construction and foams

Polypropylene (PP)
Hotmelt powders for technical bonding with high bond fail temperature and substitution of PP fiber bonding

Polycaprolatone (PCL)
Hotmelt powder for greasy leather and metal (e.g. aluminum)

Terpolymere (PO)
Hotmelt powder for technical applications
Thermoplastic films for automotive, construction, foam and nonwovens

Hotmelt powders blends for specific applications in the automotive and building construction industry (e.g. technical laminates); custom designed solutions

Modified hotmelt powders, thermoplastic webs and films for bonding with specific requirements