Co-Polyamide (Co-PA Hotmelt adhesive)


Due to the very good resistance against solvents used in dry cleaning like perchloro-ethylene, abifor® Co-Polyamides are perfect to be used in the garment industry.
In general the laundry resistances are around 40°C to 60°C. With special grades a wash resistance up to 95°C can be managed. Co-Polyamides are also used for leather bonding, transfer printing and in composites.

CoPA Hotmelt adhesive

Co-Polyamide products can be divided in groups due to the different bonding temperatures as follows: 

  up to 90 °Cfor leather bonding
  up to 130 °Cfor apparel and transfer printing
  up to 150 °Cfor uniforms and if applicable shirts, technical application and composits

CoPA Hotmelt powder

CoPA hotmelt powders are mostly used in the textile industry for apparel and uniforms. For technical application and in the automotive industry, mostly for leather bonding, low melting CoPA powders are requested. Due to the good bonding property and high heat deterioration CoPa powders are used for bonding with foam, glass fiber and nonwoven.

CoPA thermoplastic webs and nets

CoPA webs and nets are also used in the textile industry, e.g. for textile tapes. In the automotive industry CoPA webs and nets meets with meets with open-cell foam, nonwoven, spacer fabrics or reinforcing nets.

CoPA films

The main applications for CoPA films are in the automotive, textile and building construction industry for high-class homogeneous bonding which requires an even adhesive surface.