CO-POLYESTER (CoPES-Hotmelt adhesive)


A very good laundry resistance and an excellent adhesion to synthetic fibers are the outstanding properties of abifor® Co-Polyester. These properties together with melting ranges between 60-165°C make CoPES as a perfect hotmelt product for the garment industry. Especially for ladies wear and blouses where moderate bonding conditions and a good adhesion to the synthetic shell fabrics are required.

Contrasting to Co-Polyamides the resistance of Co-PES to solvents like in the dry cleaning process is lower or limited. But CoPES hotmelts are ideal adhesives if special bonding properties are required. 

Co-PES Hotmelt powder

A main application of Co-Polyester powders in the textile industry are paste, powder point or double-dot coating and in technical fields scatter coating.
CoPA’s good adhesion and high thermal resistance are highly appreciated  by laminations with foams, nonwovens or synthetic substrates.

Co-PES Webs

CoPES webs are used in the textile industry for garments. The main application for CoPES webs in the construction industry are technical laminates with open-cell nets and foams. In the automotive industry laminates with open-cell nonwoven and decor material will be bonded with CoPES webs.

Co-PES Films

CoPES films are used in different industries for homogeneous bonding which requires an even adhesive surface.