Applications of thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives (powder, webs, nets, films)

Our various abifor® hotmelt adhesives will be used in different areas, like:

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for the automotive industry for headliner, rear shelf, trunk liner, soft trim, seat covering, floor carpet group, gearbox covering, engine compartment insulation.

Building construction
Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for the building construction industry for roof trussed film, wall and ceiling liner, pipe insulation, carpet backing and additives for paint and coloring.

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for technical laminates to bond different substrates, e.g. textile products, foams, nonwovens, fibers and metal sheets as well as coating of carpet back.

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for the shoe and leather industry to bond interlinings in leather garment, luggage, shoe counters, toe puffs, chairs, arm chairs and car seats.

Thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives for the textile industry for ladies' and men's garment, shirt collar interlinings, cuffs, button rows, lapels, form memory shirts, small parts and fixation bands.

Thermoplastic hotmelt powders as additives for the cosmetic industry used for peeling and cleaning products as well as for hygienic products.