Abifor Ltd.

Abifor Ltd.


For 60 years Abifor Ltd. has developed, produced and marketed thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives. We are a Swiss joint-stock limited company with Headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) and a Production plant in Wutoeschingen (Germany) as well as an associate partner company in Shanghai (P.R.China). With our abifor®-specialities we are successful in all important industrial sectors throughout the world. As a result of this specialization of hotmelts we have build-up a know how to permit comprehensive system advice – from the choice of a suitable hotmelt adhesive (powder, granule, web, net or film) to support for the specific application on the spot.

Thermoplastics polymers are ground to exactly define adhesive powders by the ambient or cryogenic processes at our modern plant in Southern Germany. Our abifor®-powder is produced by experienced technical personnel in largely automatic grinding, screening and mixing units.

The thermoplastic webs, nets and films will be produced by our raw material co-operation partner “JCC” in Asia and the quality control and logistic will be made by from Abifor China. Abifor Ltd. markets and sells this hotmelt webs, nets and films exclusively in Europe and offers an ideal customer support to this products.

Our Abifor partner production in the north-west of Shanghai currently focuses on the production of hotmelt powders for the textile industry. Its quality control system and production equipment meets all international standards.

The quality-oriented organization ensures high-grade thermoplastic hot-melts for innovative applications and products as in the automotive industry, building construction sector, leather and textile industry.